Covid, Curfew and the Tier System: Have Your Say

If you had an audience with Boris Johnson and his government, what would you say to them?

Okay, now we know what your immediate response to this would be. It would inevitably involve several ‘fucks’, a ‘disgrace’, and in many cases a word my mum doesn’t like me writing. Whilst this would feel great it wouldn’t get us anywhere, if you are our PM, or indeed most members of parliament, you’ve had this sort abuse hurled at you all your life. It’s like water off a fuck’s back.

This idea is more than that. Throughout this pandemic the people representing our industry have been big national pub groups, high-street restaurant chains and large charitable organisations. Regardless of how effective you feel they have been, they have been largely faceless.

We want to gather what you, the people on the front line, the people who have been personally affected as opposed to a spreadsheet of numbers, have felt. How have you been affected, what the singling out of the hospitality industry has done to you. Personally, professionally, mentally, whatever you think it is important to say.

We want to gather them and then put them out there. Let the general public, the press and ultimately the government hear about your personal experiences. Sure, it may have no effect but we think it is the most powerful tool we have left.

We have put together the form below so that you can put your name to your experiences or remain anonymous (we will just ask for your town, age, and time in the industry), we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable sharing their story. We will publish a selection and pass on the full list to those we feel can help spread your word.

We simply ask one thing in return. Please no swearing. I know, we’re ones to talk, but if people are going to take us seriously, we need to negate any opportunity for them to belittle your words.

If nothing else, we have found over the last 8 months that writing down your feelings can be a very therapeutic exercise. Hopefully it will be a lot more than that and the nation will begin to see just what an effect this year has had on the people that keep the hospitality industries heart beating.