Courvoisier Toast of Paris Competition Returns


Last year Courvoisier launched their first international cocktail competition and it seems BarLifeUK weren’t the only ones to enjoy it, as it’s back for a second year.

The concept of the Toast of Paris competition is to promote the Cognac category and capture the exuberance of the Paris Golden Age (1870 – 1910). To this end bartenders will be asked to create two unique Courvoisier cocktails:Toast-of-Paris-International-Cocktail-Competition

This year, bartenders will be tasked with creating one of two unique Courvoisier cocktails, the recipe and the inspiration/story behind it.

An aperitif-style drink that has a low ABV, is ideal for before dinner and encapsulates the Parisian lifestyle of frequenting brasseries and cafes.


A cocktail inspired by the Parisian nightlife that captures ‘La Joie de Vivre’.

Drink Descriptions

Apéritif-style drink – Low ABV, refreshing, ideal before dinner, encapsulating the Parisian lifestyle and the culture of brasseries and cafés

Parisian nightlife drink – Bartenders are free to use their inspiration and any Courvoisier expression to create a drink combining elegance and balance that encapsulates ‘La Joie de Vivre’

Competition entry deadline: March 13th, 2017

Entry cocktails must include:

  • Minimum 25ml of Courvoisier VSOP or above
  • Up to two homemade ingredients per drink
  • Detailed recipe and method for the chosen drink
  • Drinks to represent the Belle Époque in Paris OR be a modern twist on the Paris Golden Age cocktails
  • 200 words explaining the inspiration behind the serve in order to demonstrate their dedication alongside category, period and brand knowledge
  • A photograph can be provided to however this is optional

In the heats bartenders will be marked on:

  • Presentation
  • Balance
  • Taste
  • Creativity
  • Its link to Courvoisier’s house style, craftsmanship and Parisian heritage

The overall winner will receive a bespoke blend of Courvoisier presented in an engraved crystal decanter which is truly a money cannot buy prize. There is a whole lot of other prizes on route to this point.

It all kicks off with a masterclass hitting the road in January & February hosted by Courvoisier Global Brand Ambassador, Rebecca Asseline, and Maxxium’s Mixxit team. The multi-sensory experience will include a look at the history and heritage of Courvoisier and the Paris Golden Age complete with food and cocktails.

Masterclass Schedule

  • London 16th & 17th January
  • Manchester 24th January
  • Bristol 15th February
  • Birmingham 21st February
  • Newcastle 27th February
  • Edinburgh 28th February

To reserve yourself a seat email

After an afternoon of eating, drinking and learninating you will no doubt be inspired to enter the competition (you do not have to attend a masterclass to enter but it will certainly give you a head start). Once again Courvoisier will be hitting the road for a series of heats in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol.

The heats will produce 6 semi-finalists who will be invited down to London for a night in a swanky hotel, fancy dinner and a Rebecca led (she knows all the swish places) bar crawl. At some point there will also be a competition, of course, to pick the UK winner.

That lucky person will be jetting (or Eurostar’ing at least) over to Paris for the Global Final. Having been on the trip last year we can tell you it is an absolute corker of a few days. There will be lots of great food, plenty of lovely drinks and a few surprises. Plus you get to visit the Courvoisier Chateau in Jarnac, and the centuries-old Paradis Cellar to meet with Courvoisier’s Master Blender, Patrice Pinet.

It really is a very special trip and you get the chance to top it off with a phenomenal bottle of Courvoisier. Get involved using the form below and don’t forget the roadshow rsvp’s.