Commercial Eviction Ban Extended Until March 2022

A ban on landlords evicting firms from commercial properties for non-payment of rent has been extended for nine months.

Treasury Secretary Stephen Barclay this week announced that the moratorium on commercial eviction due to unpaid rent, which had been due to end on June 30th, has been extended until March 25th, 2022. Barclay also announced the creation of a “binding arbitration scheme” designed to resolve disputes between landlords and commercial tenants, which will be in place when the eviction ban ends.

The extension of the moratorium follows the announcement on Monday that social distancing laws will not end on June 21st as previously set out on the reopening roadmap, meaning nightclubs must stay closed and hospitality venues must operate at reduced capacity for at least four weeks longer than previously expected.

Commenting on the new legislation, Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality’s CEO, said: “These measures are wholly welcome and will banish a grim shadow that has hung menacingly over hospitality since the Covid crisis began 15 months ago. The legislation will form a strong bedrock for negotiated and fair settlements that can help heal the damage that the pandemic has wrought, and is a hugely positive signal that the Government has been listening to our sector, and acted to ease its plight.”

As yet the government have released no details about the new arbitration scheme, however we will bring you news of the service and how to use it as soon as guidance is released.