Cocktails Launched To Raise Money For Homeless

Many hospitality workers have found themselves homeless and living on the streets, Skywalker aims to raise money to help them.

For those of you who don’t know Anna Sebastian (Artesian’s bar manager) take it from us she is a bloody legend and during lockdown she has been using her powers for good. For the last few months she has been volunteering for Under One Sky, a non-profit organisation providing food each day to those living on the streets in central London, which has served over 20,000 meals in central London since April 2nd.

Whilst volunteering Anna, and Sam Ayling (Metropolitan Pub GM), noticed a dramatic rise in in ex-hospitality workers they encountered on the streets of London. Helping by volunteering wasn’t enough for these two and they decided to raise both money for, and awareness of, the issue.

Skywalker is the result, a range of cocktails which can be ordered online with 100% of the profits going to Under One Sky. The name is a nod to the volunteers at Under One Sky and the two cocktails launched are named after two of its founding principles.

Love – is supported by No. 3 Gin which is combined with Lustau Blanco Vermut, Monin Pineapple & Mint Syrup, Suze and citric acid.

Compassion – is supported by Seedlip and swaps the gin, vermut and Suze for their Seedlip Spiced and Æcorn Dry for a non-alcoholic version.

Both come in 110ml pouches, are £10 including P&P and can be ordered direct from

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you that ordering these is a good idea, we will hand over to Anna:

‘Over the last couple of months, we noticed more and more new faces on our walks each day.  Many of those we met were hospitality workers who had lost their jobs via redundancy, not been put onto furlough and subsequently unable to afford rent. With no real support network, many found themselves on the streets.

We wanted to use our platform and experience in hospitality to help our homeless friends and shine a light on the under-reported current situation – showing that this is a close reality for us all.’

This is a great way to help with a very real problem for members of our hospitality family right now, and huge props to Anna and Sam. Just a reminder the website is and we are certainly looking forward to enjoying our glasses of Love in the garden this weekend.

N.B. Under One Sky is currently active in London and Cambridge (and Madrid), they have plans to expand to Manchester, Brighton and Bristol. More info on them here