Ciderdog Cider Festival Returns to London for 6th Year

Ciderdog: Saturday July 21st, 12pm – 1am, The Miller Pub. Free entry, all pints £3.50

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Having spent a fair portion of our formative years underage drinking in parks, and Somerset, BarLifeUK grew up to appreciate a drop of cider. 

Bartenders with similar proclivities (and the day off on Saturday the 21st of July) will be pleased to hear that the Ciderdog festival is returning to the Miller pub in London Bridge. Now in its sixth year, and claiming to be the biggest cider festival in London, Ciderdog will see the Miller’s beer garden filled with over 100 ciders and perries on tap, all at £3.50 a pop.

This year the festival aims to showcase emerging and small batch cider makers, with every variety from could scrumpy to mouth-puckering super-dry represented. The booze will be accompanied by food from Bunsmiths, and steel band music. There’s also a ping pong table in the garden, so you can get both drunk and super competitive, then fall out with your friends.

Ciderdog is free to attend, and you can follow it on Twitter for more information here. 

Brands on show will include: Ascension Cider Co, Telegraph Hill, Oliver’s, SeaCider, Turners, and Abrahalls.