Chelsie Bailey Attempts Cocktail and Cake World Record

Cake & Cocktails: 18th February, 2019. The Gloucester Old Spot, 183-140 Kellaway Avenue, Bristol

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Common wisdom has it that a person learns something new every day. Thursday’s fresh bit of knowledge comes to me courtesy of researching this story, and it is this: Save for Pornhub (obviously), the Guinness World Record website is the biggest time sink on the internet.

The sheer number (around 40,000) of Guinness World Records is staggering, and the obscurity of a large percentage of them is fascinating. For instance, random entries under the food and drink heading include:

Most baked beans eaten in five minutes with a cocktail stick (271)
Largest cake for dogs (91.8KG)
Most prolific cannibal (Atu Udre Udre, 872 – 999 people)

The ‘Record Application Search’ page of the website is a parade of odd people doing difficult things which, when you think about it, is brilliant (aside from the cannibalism bit). You should definitely have a poke around.

All of this brings us to the news that Bristol bartender Chelsie Bailey has teamed up with Great British Bake Off star Briony May in an attempt to set a record for the most people eating cake and drinking cocktails at one time. This seems a perfectly reasonable endevour, given there is a record for the fastest time to drink a bottle of ketchup (17.53 seconds).

The record attempt comes as part of Bailey’s Bacardi Legacy ‘Most Promising’ campaign, during which she is promoting her Rum Reverie cocktail in the hope of becoming national champion, and progressing to represent the UK in the global competition final.

The Cake & Cocktails event takes place in Bristol on February 18th. All proceeds will be donated to the Jessie May Children’s Hospice, so visitors can drink cocktails and eat cake safe in the knowledge they are raising money for just about the best cause imaginable.

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