Chartreuse Joins CASK Liquid Marketing

Everyones favourite liqueur made by Carthusian Monks has a new home in the UK with CASK Liquid Marketing.

There was a time in the not too distant past where you couldn’t find a cocktail competition anywhere in the country that didn’t have at least one drink in it containing Chartreuse. In the past couple of years the brand has lost a little of its industry swagger but not for long if CASK have anything to do with it.chartreuse-1920-1

CASK, owned by Stuart Ekins and Richard Herbert, already have many bartenders favourites in their portfolio in the form of Ocho, 86 Co, Gin Mare, Merlet, QuiQuiRiQui and more. Their team always have a lot of fun with the industry and their brands so we were excited to hear that they had taken on the Chartreuse in the UK. We had a quick chat with Stuart about their latest acquisition:

‘CASK are really excited about working with, and representing Chartreuse, the world’s oldest liqueur brand. It’s green, 55% ABV, and owned by Monk’s – what more is there to say? Expect lots of bartender engagement and creative workshops with our new Team CASK member, Nick Caputo, who joins us full-time later this month, and will be developing his role as the face of Chartreuse in the UK.’ 

So there you have it, plenty of Chartreuse loving coming your way from the CASK crew and Nick will undoubtably be popping in to see you with a couple of bottles of herbal joy soon.

If you need anymore info contact Stuart Ekins on 07970 515584. Oh and did you know Chartreuse has a colour named after it? It is somewhere between green and yellow of course. You can have that bit of knowledge for free and that is the Last Word on the subject!