Chartreuse Competition – The Last Word Twist

Chartreuse have launched a competition in the UK to find the best twist on the classic cocktail – The Last Word.

For every great classic cocktail in the world there are dozens of twists on it floating around from the sublime Tommy’s Margarita to the not so sublime Frozen Banana Daiquiri. For Chartreuse the iconic cocktail is The Last Word (find out all about The Last Word in an article by Chartreuse Ambassador Matt Dakers here) and they are tasking UK bartenders with finding the next great twist.

There are some big shoes to fill with the most famous twist being The Last Ward by the one and only Phil Ward from New York (he swaps the gin and lime juice for rye and lemon juice). However such and iconic drink with such a rich history is perfect for you to have a play with.

The first round was concentrated in Islington with Zilouf’s, Stuart Binks taking the honours with his ‘monsieur, I beg your pardon’ – watch a video of him making it here.

Next up is Clapham and Alex Clark from 64th & Social has his hat in the ring with the below twist.

The competition will be growing in the coming months with some fantastic prizes up for grabs and if you think you can have the last word send your recipes to Matt Dakers

Nephew’s First Word
(the green spider)

20mls Green Chartreuse
20mls Wray and Nephew
20mls Maraschino
20mls Lime Juice

Put all ingredients into a soda canister and fill with cubed ice and shake.
Then Carbonate ingredients with a soda bulb.
Release ingredients slowly out of the canister into a mixing glass.
Scoop 2 large spoons of Green Chartreuse ice cream into a sunday glass.
Using a Hawthorne strainer, strain the carbonated ingredients over the ice cream.
Serve with a maraschino cherry.

Green Chartreuse Ice Cream

250mls full cream milk
650mls double cream
250gms of granulated sugar
2 vanilla pods
75mls Green Chartreuse

Mix all ingredients except the Green Chartreuse in a mixing bowl.
Add the mixture to an ice cream machine.
Just before freezing add the 75mls of Green Chartreuse.
After 20mins pull from machine and leave to deep freeze for an hour.