Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai Update

As the Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai competition reaches it’s final deadline we look at a few of the bars that have caught our eye with their promotions.

Over the past few weeks the bars taking part in the Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai comp have been serving up their twists on the classic rum cocktail, and promoting it through their sites and the wonderful world of social media. They are battling for a place at the summer party final (more on that in a bit) and ultimately for a trip to St Lucia for the bar team.

The bars we have picked are by no means the ones who will be making it through to the final, there is still a lot to play for and we are just focusing on the ones that have popped up on our feeds with some fun and inventive initiatives.

LCC Shoreditch are first out of the hat with a video that sums up the bar and the drink perfectly. Created by Luke Condell, A Trader, A Chairman and A Don Walk Into A Bar, may not win any snappy name awards, but the drink is going great guns. Luke managed to take time out from knocking out serves long enough to create the brilliant video below. Sit back and enjoy:

Up in Scotland Panda & Sons have been getting in the tiki mood with their serve, The Local Vagabond. They have been getting their customers in on the act by offering a raffle at the end of the campaign for anyone who has hash tagged from their bar, there is a Chairman’s Reserve bundle and round of Vagabonds up for grabs. They also held a tasting event where the whole bar was given a sample of the cocktail, why are we never there at the right time?

Alvino’s have been making the most of some summer sun in Newcastle by promoting their Mai Tai twist alongside

Alvino's Mai Tai
Alvino’s Mai Tai

their rather enticing looking terrace. Their serve combines Chairman’s Reserve with King’s Ginger, lime, orgeat, pineapple and (bravely) Fernet Branca. Every time they post another photo of their drink on their social media we find ourselves reaching for the train timetable to see how quickly we can get there.

London’s Trading House have put a pistachio twist on their Mai Tai courtesy of bartender Rui. Their social media has been full of annoyingly good looking people having far to much fun drinking their serve. They have also been getting profound with this quote ‘You see a chair just isn’t a chair without a Chairman’s, it is simply just a seat’. Deep.

Martim Baeta over at The Hide Bar has been drawing on his mediterranean roots for his Mai Tai with Pedro Ximenez sherry starring alongside a macadamia orgeat. They have also gone down the video root with a very slick and professional outing showing how to make the drink. To top it off they have been showing the love by retweeting other bars Mai Tai efforts. Strong work.

So there we have it. A few of our favourites. The question is which, if any, of these lovely creations will be served at the final.

Speaking of which, if you fancy trying the finalists creations you can come down to the final and have some fun. It will be taking place on August 9th at Magic Roundabout above Old Street Tube Station, kicking off at 5pm.

Each of the final four will have their own pop up bar inside the venue and will be knocking out their Mai Tai creations whilst DJ’s play. 100 VIP guests will be invited to vote using some rather splendid ties (get it?) and the winner, jetting of to St Lucia, will be announced at 9pm. As if that wasn’t enough excitement there will be an after party at Loves Company from 9:30pm.

What could possibly go wrong? See you all their.