Centinela Cocktail Cup Birmingham Heat Results

It used to be that joining the Navy was the best way to see the world (bumsex notwithstanding)…

Ruairidh Muir sporting his ‘The People’s Tepache’

However these days a competition-winning bartender will give the most salty seaman a run for his money.

Unlike many comps which send an outright winner on an overseas trip, the Centinela Cocktail Cup will take the winner of each heat to Mexico, where the grand final will be held.

This increases the chances of a competitor scoring a seat on the plane considerably, and coupled with the bartenders’ love of Tequila, means the Cocktail Cup had a huge number of entries.

The first regional took place in Birmingham, on what must have been the hottest day of the year thus far. Some familiar faces from Birmingham, Oxford and Reading gathered in Bodega Bar’s basement, where ice-cold Palomas were dispensed and sweat patches compared.

The competition was judged by Centinela’s marketing manager, the reassuringly Mexican Eduardo Gomez, and myself, and we enjoyed some really great drinks, and the kind of lazy racial stereotyping we have come to expect in cocktail competitions (think sombreros and fake mustaches).

Second place man, Benji Ryde, displays suitably lazy racial stereotyping

The score sheets were unanimous at the end, with Ruairidh Muir of Raoul’s, Oxford, taking first place. His drink was exceptionally tasty, and his serving method – a plastic bag inspired by the Tepache vendors found on Mexico’s streets – was both unusual and perfect for his style of drink.

Congratulations to Ruairidh for winning a spot on the Mexico trip, and also to Benji Ryde (2nd place) and Christie Cremin and Luke Pearson (joint 3rd place), who were beaten by the narrowest of margins.

The winning drink

The People’s Tepache – Ruairidh Muir, Raoul’s, Oxford

  • 25ml Lime juice,
  • 35ml Salted and peppered pineapple syrup
  • 35ml Centinela Blanco
  • 35ml Negra Modelo

Serve in a plastic bag, garnished with grapefruit zest, lime and lemon zest and mint.