CASK Announce Signal Hill Summer Roadshow and Cocktail Competition

First roadshow date: Manchester – Tuesday, August 16th

CASK have announced a flurry of Summer activity that will be of great interest to whisky fans, as Signal Hill begins a series of masterclass roadshows around the UK, and a cocktail competition with a prize comprised of both cash and international travel.

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For the uninitiated, Signal Hill is a Canadian whisky made with column-distilled corn and copper pot-distilled malted barley. The whisky is bottled in St. John’s which is within sight of historic location Signal Hill – the peak upon which Guglielmo Marconi received the first transatlantic radio message. It was also the place where, back in the day, fires were used to send messages between villages, presumably making it a destination for Lord of the Rings fans who want to stand on a mountain and shout “Gondor calls for aid!”

The masterclass roadshow is visiting Manchester, London, Bristol, and Edinburgh, and will be hosted by Signal Hill brand ambassador PJ Jaurre and CASK whisky specialist Clare Morrow. The sessions will give bartenders a full tasting and brand history rundown, as well as providing guidance and inspiration to anyone who plans to enter the cocktail competition. There will of course also be plenty of drinks to enjoy once the learning session has finished.

The Signal Hill cocktail competition will open for entries once the roadshow has finished its tour, and more details will be released soon, however we can tell you the prize is £1000 in cash, and an all-expenses-paid trip to Canada, which is pretty much the perfect prize composition in our books.

The masterclass sessions, which begin at 3pm, take place on the following dates:

  • Manchester: 16th August – Junior Jackson’s
  • London: 7th September – The Jones Family Affair, London, WC2N 4DD
  • Edinburgh: 13th September – Down the Hatch
  • Bristol: 14th September – Clockwork Rose

To RSVP and book your place, simply fill out the short form below: