Camille Vidal Launches La Maison Wellness

Camille has announced she is leaving St~Germain to start her own wellness agency.

These days it seems very trendy to be jumping on the bandwagon that has words like Mindful, Wellness and Healthy henna tattooed on its side. However, The Artist Formerly Known As Madame St~Germain has been firmly entrenched in this (regular) movement for quite some time.

Camille has been involved with Tim Ethrington-Judge’s Healthy Hospo since the beginning as a qualified yoga and meditation teacher, and been posting pictures of yoga poses on rocks in front of the ocean before leggings were renamed yoga pants and doubled in price.

This has been done whilst travelling the world spreading the word of St~Germain, a role she has held for more years than BarLifeUK can count, earning herself awards and, more importantly, the recognition and respect of bartenders across the world.

The new adventure, La Maison Wellness, is a wellness agency specialising in Mindful Drinking with low & no ABV cocktails and Healthy Hedonist Lifestyles. The company will focus on cocktail creation, brand consulting, event organisation, creative workshops and more. La Maison Wellness is on a mission to Inspire, Educate and Create.

In Camille’s own words “Mindful Drinking is about having options for you to decide, it’s about inclusivity and empowering people to make the decisions that work for them, to help and support them to live their best life in a Healthy Hedonistic way”

She will continue her relationship with St~Germain and Bacardi as a creative consultant and work with existing clients such Seedlip and recently launched Æcorn Aperitif, London Essence Co, Everleaf, Three Spirits, Avallen and OTO, as well as new projects.

It all sounds exciting and we certainly can’t wait to see what Camille gets up to in the coming months and years. For more info head to www.lamaisonwellness.comor you can follow the adventures on @lamaisonwellness_