Callooh Callay’s JubJub Returns to its Members’ Bar Roots in May 2018

Callooh Callay relaunch JubJub members’ bar ahead of 10th anniversary

BarLifeUK News - Callooh Callay’s JubJub Returns to its Members’ Bar Roots in May 2018About a million years ago, I took a Guardian Soulmates date to JubJub, during the venue’s first iteration as a members’ bar.

I remember quite clearly how the expression of profound disappointment at seeing me in the flesh for the first time was replaced on my dates’s face by a look of hopeful curiosity as I used my key to open the private door. Inside, I knew everyone behind the bar, and most of the people drinking at it, and my date’s face assumed a look that wondered ’Is this guy some sort of big shot who knows everyone, or just a drunk?’

A couple of hours later (with my date firmly of the opinion that I was the latter) we parted ways, and I had learned two lessons: 1 – Don’t take a first date somewhere you know the bartenders if you want to make a sober impression. 2 – Visiting a members’ bar is the non-wise guy’s best shot at experiencing a ‘Ray Liotta in Goodfellas’ moment.

All of which serves as a rambling introduction to the news that JubJub, the intimate space above London’s Callooh Callay, is to relaunch once again as a members’ bar.

Having served variously as an event and guest-bartender space in recent years, JubJub is currently undergoing a “dramatic transformation” and will reopen in May 2018, with membership available via the application link below, or by an invitation from the bar team. Members will receive their own key and the option to use a secret entrance that will circumvent queues at Callooh Callay, and a private WhatsApp number for quickly checking availability. Various special offers will also be available to members, including the option to subscribe to the interestingly-named ‘bottled cocktail cabinet of curiosity’, and some free punch upon arrival.

The JubJub relaunch is one of a number of activities soon to be announced, all of which serving as a celebration of Callooh Callay’s upcoming 10th anniversary later this year.

To apply for JubJub membership, click this link.