Callooh Callay’s Jubjub bar becomes pop-up event space

No more member’s-only upstairs at Callooh Callay

Pretty girls and a blurry Dan Priseman at Jubjub…

Anyone who arrived at Jubjub on a date (I did actually have a date once, believe it or not. It didn’t end well), and used their own key to let themselves in, immediately understood the thinking behind the members-only concept – it made you feel sort of special.

However the flipside to members-only is that a relatively small group of people get to experience your bar. This was no doubt a factor in the decision by Callooh Callay’s owner to change things up at Jubjub, as of March 1st.

The intimate space will now be hosting “experiential, transformational running for weeks at a time with different brands.”

The first, Jubjub Does Absinthe and Oysters (March 5th – 30th) is presented in collaboration with Jenny Gardner of Sip or Mix to create a Parisian Absinthe House with an exclusive Absinthe menu in the heart of Shoreditch.

We will bring you news of other Jub Does events as they are released. Current members can swing by and drop their keys into a bar’s gramophone. In return they will receive a free drink.