Phil (far right) and some of the team in full pose

Café Pacifico Sydney Closing

News has reached BarLifeUK that after 15 years one of Sydney’s most iconic bars, Café Pacifico, is to close its doors.

No matter where in the world it happens, when a bar that has bought so much joy to so many people closes the entire bar community should shed a tear. BarLifeUK has a special place in its heart for Sydney and a large chunk of that is made up of happy memories from Pacifico.

Phil (far right) and some of the team in full pose

The Sydney bar scene has exploded in recent years after the introduction of the Small Bar License led to an influx of new and exciting venues, however every cities needs its history and there are few venues in the world that evoke as many happy memories in a city as Pacifico.

Run by Phil ‘Cat in the Hat’ Bayly who, as history has it, first met Tomas Estes when he was painting a mural in the Amsterdam Café Pacifico venue many moons ago, Pacifico became a must visit to anyone who loves the Agave spirit. Whilst it may not have won any international awards both Pacifico and Phil won many accolades in Australia from Australian Bar Magazine, Bars and Clubs and many consumer titles.

Anyone that climbed the thin flight of stairs to visit the venue (always much steeper when leaving after a couple of hours, trust us) was greeted with big smiles and a bigger tequila and mescal selection. With a small percussion collection on the bar played whenever a round of shots was ordered and never ending enthusiasm by the staff no bar has ever encapsulated fun and enjoyment as well as Pacifico.

As reported on (previously the reason for the closure is a combination of a leaky roof and a rent that has tripled since they opened. Quoted on the same site Phil says:

“I’m not going to go into another location, unless it’s a landlord I want to be in bed with or just buy my own damn building.” he said. “The big lesson is this: be careful about who you get in to bed with when it comes to landlords”.

Whilst we are sure the closing parties will be epic we can’t help be sad at the end of a bar legacy in one of the greatest bar cities in the world. Joining Bayswater Brasserie as a big hole in the Australian bar scene BarLifeUK will be raising a shot of tequila in honor of Pacifico.

We would like to thank Phil and the team for some special nights and wish them all good luck in the future.