Bulldog Gin announce winner of London Lemonade Competition

With the prize of a trip to Tales of the Cocktail and the opportunity to represent the UK bar scene the Bulldog Gin competition attracted the UK’s best.

Lee was distracted by a bowtie salesman just as the picture was taken

The competitors had to come up with a unique twist on the original London Lemonade cocktail. As well as competing at the final on 26th June at the Drunken Monkey, London they were also judged on sales of the cocktail in their bar.

Taking out the top prize against the 8 other bartenders in the final and a seat on the plane to NOLA in a couple of weeks was Lee Potter-Cavanagh from Hix’s Bar & Restaurant’s.

It wasn’t an easy title to take out as pointed out by judge and the queen of gin Sarah Mitchell ‘It was a challenging competition to make a simple drink become something special. All the competitors brought a different element to the drinks and competition was tough’

Lee’s winning cocktail was inspired by highlighting classic regional British flavours such as Sorrell, which really highlighted the juniper flavours in the Bulldog Gin. It must have tasted pretty good as he managed to shift 552 of them during the designated sales period.

Lee said ‘I’m really stoked to win the competition, I’ve also wanted to go to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans for years. I’m delighted to represent Bulldog Gin and the British cocktail scene and produce from Britain. It’s a real honor to promote the amazing level of bartending from the UK in the United States’

It won’t all be lounging by the roof pool, eating jambalaya and knocking back G&T’s in New Orleans though. Lee will be showcasing his winning cocktail alongside other international winners from the likes of the US and Spain. He will be serving them to a select crowd of cocktail lovers, media and general bigwigs at the Bulldog Gin London Lemonade Loft.

The drink that won a trip to Tales

BarLifeUK look forward to trying it over there, we hope to see you there but if you can’t make it why not try whipping one up yourself.

50ml Bulldog Gin
35ml Lemon Juice
20ml Gomme syrup
3 Sorrel Leaves
60ml Soda
Build ingredients in together over cubed ice, shake together and strain into highball glass, top with soda and garnish with a single sorrel leaf.