Buffalo Trace Release White Dog and Vodka

Buffalo Trace launches 2012 White Dog unaged bourbon

Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1, distilled in autumn 2012, is unaged and unbarrelled, and has entered the market as White Dog increases in popularity amongst bartenders and bourbon enthusiasts.

The 2012 ‘vintage’ Buffalo Trace White Dog bourbon from the award winning distillery is now available in the UK, in limited supplies, through Hi-Spirits.

The unaged bourbon – traditionally nicknamed ‘white dog’ or ‘moonshine’ – has more of the fresh, sweet flavours of the grain used.  Bottled at 62.5% ABV, White Dog’s ‘cleaner’ character makes it ideal for infusing with fruit and herb flavourss.

The recipe for Mash #1 is used to make acclaimed Bourbons including Buffalo Trace, Benchmark, Eagle Rare and George T. Stagg.

Jeremy Hill, chairman of Hi-Spirits,, said: “There’s strong interest in White Dog bourbons amongst bar professionals, mainly because it’s a flavour profile they haven’t worked with before. Unaged whisky made in the UK isn’t sold commercially, so this is a point of difference for the UK bar market.”

Paul Loki, from Mint Leaf Lounge in London, said:  “White Dog has a fresher, sweeter flavour than aged whiskey. You get much more of the cereal flavour, there’s a real corn aroma, and you can balance it with strong flavours such as the chestnuts and cinnamon we used in our Old Fashioned.”

Hi-Spirits has also launched a limited edition ultra-pure vodka by Harlen Wheatley, master distiller at the Buffalo Trace Distillery, into the UK market. Distilled 159 times, HDW CLIX is made from red winter wheat, rye, distiller’s grade corn and distiller’s malted barley.

For more information, please contact Hi-Spirits