Buffalo Bourbon Empire Pop Up heads to Brighton

During London Cocktail Week last year one of the biggest draws was the Buffalo Bourbon Empire Pop Up Bar and at the end of January it heads to Brighton.

From the 25th January to the 9thFebruary Buffalo Trace will be treating Brighton to the opportunity to get involved in a series of great events as well as the opportunity to try some rather unusual products.

Drinks being knocked out at the London Bourbon Empire
The Pop Up in London in October saw over 3,500 people visiting for a drink in the two-storey speakeasy. With a variety of traditional cocktails on offer alongside a host of traditional prohibition bar games it was no surprise it was so popular.

There are few brands in the world more historically deserving of creating a speakeasy style venue as they were one of only 4 distilleries in the US which (legally) remained open for ‘medicinal purposes’.

The Brighton reincarnation will take the London concept to the next level with classic drinks such as Manhattans and Sours once again paired with classic games Toss the Boss and Craps.


One of the highlights of the pop up will be a series of masterclasses from the Hi-Spirits Bourbon Connoisseurs team which will give attendees the chance to not only increase their knowledge of the bourbon category as a whole but also sample some great Buffalo Trace products.

On top of cocktails, games and free masterclasses the Buffalo Bourbon Empire Pop Up is also giving you the chance to try some amazing and unique products that the ever-experimental Buffalo Trace Distillery has been working on.

Drew Mayville giving his masterclass in London

The Single Oak Barrel collection is an amazing experiment, taking 96 American oak trees, yielding 192 unique tree sections, Buffalo constructed a single barrel from each section and charred them differently. 192 bottles created – no two are exactly alike.

Alongside those is the Experimental Collection, which is a limited edition release of Buffalo Trace bottled with different vintages using different techniques and offering different results. Finally up is the 1792 Ridgemont Reserve small batch Kentucky Bourbon, which is aged for 8 years.

As you can see there are many reasons to head to the Buffalo Bourbon Empire Pop Up in Brighton (whether you live in Brighton or not). BarLifeUK are definitely going to be heading down, in fact if they had beds we may never leave.

Guest List

Want to join us there? Well to do so simply click on this here link to be added to the guest list and get more information. If you would like to attend the Masterclasses then email masterclass@buffalobourbonempire.com but spaces are very limited so be quick and ask nicely.

See you there and if you want to whet your Buffalo whistle in the meantime click here for our write up of the visit we were lucky enough to make to the Buffalo Trace Distillery a couple of years ago.