Boutique Bar Show London Sessions – The DNA of Cocktails

Wednesday 21st September, 3pm

Andrew Campana on his way to providing BarLifeUK with a memorable hangover.

The London Boutique Bar Show is looming large, so it’s time to tell you about some of the seminars taking place in the theatre. One that jumped straight out of us was the DNA of Cocktails session by Andrew Campana and Kevin Armstrong.

BarLifeUK recently spent an evening with Andrew at his Clapham bar, Loft. Much to the annoyance of his bar team, Andrew ensconced us behind the bar on a busy Friday night and ran us through some of the liqueurs he has made on site. They were quite exceptional, he knows his stuff through and through. Spirit production methods and history are a specialty of his, and so the DNA of Cocktails session is bound to be enlightening.

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Session details:

Leading industry drinks maker Andrew Campana (Owner, The Loft Lounge, Plan B) and Kevin Armstrong (Theme Bartender of the Year, Soulshakers) will be breaking down the DNA of the Cocktail. Taking a scientific approach the talk will cover the effects of sweet, sours, bitters, barrel ageing, flavour combinations and flavour profiles over time.