Boutique Bar Show Exhibitors

This week Boutique Bar Show gives you the opportunity to try new products and find out more about brands you already know.

Whilst the talks and competitions at any show are good fun and educational it’s the exhibitors that are the heartbeat.

This year at Boutique Bar Show (Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th) that is definitely the case with lot’s of new and interesting products that most of you will not of tried, alongside some old favourites.

Here is a quick look at some of brands on show.

The most mysterious is the launch of a product we can’t tell you about! All we can tell you is that Dockyard Distillers are launching a new product, which will bring 1920’s America to high end venues in a unique way. Intrigued? Well, head to stand 45 for more.

A brand that BarLifeUK have been waiting to hit UK shores for a while is Ilegal Mezcal and it is finally here joining the stable of Speciality Brands. We have been lucky enough to try it a couple of times and strongly suggest you go and check it out. Whilst there you can check out the rest of the Speciality Brands range including the Cocchi Vermouth’s.

One of the most unique stands at the show comes in the form of TerrePURE spirits who claim to be able to mimic the effects of ageing with an all-natural process in a matter of days or hours. We haven’t tried them yet but you can be sure we’ll be at stand 48 trying them out.

Another launch at Boutique Bar Show this year comes from Distill Nation in the form of Rum Dazama. Produced on the excellently named Nosy Be island just off the coast of Madagascar, could it be a new rum for your back bar?

There are also a few exciting features to get involved with.

Eskimo Ice are holding an ice workshop at the show giving you the chance to practice your ice carving, chipping and sculpting in the Ice Corner.

Do you know your fins bois from your Grande Champagne? Take the terrior challenge with The Cognac Bureau to win prizes and fame.

There is also a hidden bar at the venue, which will be showcasing a little molecular skullduggery throughout the show.

I think you’ll agree this isn’t a show to be missed and if you haven’t yet registered get yourself onto the Boutique Bar Show website right now and get to it.