Bombay Bling – Flash New Bottle and Glass for the Sapphire

The folks at Bombay Sapphire can sense the seasons changing.

Summer is almost over, and the nights are drawing in, which means it is time to spend our evenings inside classy cocktail joints instead of boozer beer gardens.

And evenings in classy bars require classy outfits. To complement the shift to the winter wardrobe, Bombay Sapphire have given free reign to fashionista Nicole Farhi and Swarovski Crystal who have created a glamorous new limited edition bottle and glass for the gin.

The Nicole Farhi Bombay Sapphire cocktail glass can be found at the Nicole Farhi Home Store in London for those who would like to spoil their gin-drinking guests, or who perhaps would like some extra special cocktail competition glassware.

The 50cl Swarovski bottle is available at Selfridges for £19.99.