Black Moth Truffle Infused Vodka

It’s been an unusually long time since the last flavoured vodka press release appeared in the BarLifeUK inbox.

Even more unusually, the most recent wasn’t for a sickly-sweet ‘women will like it’ concoction.

Black Moth Vodka is infused with European Perigord truffles, and is the result of a collaboration between vodka enthusiast Paul Amin and Dragon’s Den survivor Dr Paul Thomas.

Hmmm. Truffley vodka.

Having a distaste for all things fungi that borders on phobia, I eyed the smart black bottle (complete with silver moths) with deep distrust. However, as I pulled the foil seal from the cork stopper, I thought to myself: “Don’t worry, it wont actually taste like truffles”.

I was wrong, it tastes exactly like truffles, and as such I had a small brain haemorrhage.

With the big caveat that no-one at BarLifeUK towers professes to have an educated palate, Black Moth had none of the artificial after taste or tang that blights many flavoured vodkas. And recognising my dislike of truffles precludes me from making objective observations about the brand, I decided to perform an experiment at a housewarming party.

10 revellers were selected at random (the ones hanging out in the kitchen) and each was given a shot of Black Moth. Exactly 5 hated it, and 5 absolutely loved it.

Given that truffles in their corporeal form are a Marmite food, this highly scientific experiment proves without doubt that Black Moth does indeed taste just like truffles.

Ergo, if you like truffles you will like Black Moth.

We haven’t done it yet, but the general consensus here at BarLifeUK is that it could work very well in a Bloody Mary. We will update this review once Simon has gone to the shop to buy some tomato juice.

Buy black moth at Gerry’s