Ben Reed Launches ‘Cool Cocktails’ Social Media Series

Cool Cocktails will explore both new drinks and the best classics on the world’s most creative cocktail menus

Ben Reed has launched a new social media series that seeks to examine how certain drinks become more than the sum of the liquids in their glass, or in other words, why some drinks become cool. Reed says of the project:

Whilst the main focus is often just the liquid itself, a stand-out cocktail is so much more than this… Cocktail creativity is a marriage between art and science, but it’s important to understand the emotional factors as well as the functional basics that elevate the total drinking experience beyond the everyday, these give it an ‘aura’ and capture the imagination. This is what makes a cocktail ‘cool’.

The Cool Cocktails series begins with the Wogan at Homeboy, and “an unexpected Damascene moment” connected to the Champagne Pina Colada in London. There’s also a trip to Stockholm with Beets by Tjoget, which, apparently, perfectly encapsulates the virtues of umami and terroir will “make you feel like you’re drinking something from the very earth beneath your feet.” We’re not sure what that means, but it does sound cool…

You can follow the Cool Cocktails series here: