Beefeater 24 Photography & Mixology Campaign

Cocktails are sexy. Bars are sexy. Sexy photographs are sexy too.

Waiter, there's a girl on my table. I asked for two... come on, chop chop

Presumably that’s why Beefeater 24 have decided to bring the three together in their B24:LDN XPOSED initiative (for those of you who don’t speak text, that means Beefeater 24: London Exposed).

Essentially, this involves 24 top London bars creating cocktails, and 24 young photographers taking pictures in bars, all with the three-word-brief: Daring, London, Glamour.

Punters are being encouraged to visit the Beefeater 24 website to vote for their favourite recipe and photo, with the chance to win a free cocktail in any of the participating bars.

Jo Spencer, head of marketing for Beefeater, says: “Beefeater is distilled in the heart of the Capital, and it is the city itself that has inspired the campaign.”

There are some pretty cool pictures on the site, which makes it worth the visit alone, but you can also see cocktail creations from the likes of Lonsdale, Wax Jambo and London Cocktail Club, so get clicketing.

B24: LDN XPOSED Website here