Become a Ron Diplomatico Diplomat, and Win a Trip to Venezuela 


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Diplomatico’s new ‘We Are The Diplomats’ campaign will appeal to all bartenders, as a strong sense of diplomacy has to be near the top of the ‘must have’ customer service qualities list.

Entry Deadline: Friday 17th June, 2016

BarLifeUK Competitions - Become a Ron Diplomatico Diplomat, and Win a Trip to Venezuela Diplomatico Rum’s new campaign focuses on the Diplomats of a New Era. Influenced by the man on the bottle, Don Juancho, who was the inspiration behind Diplomatico and an adventurer whose passion for rum knew no limits, Diplomatico is searching for a bartender who embraces innovation, adventure, passion and self-belief to redefine what it is to be a modern day diplomat.

So far, Diplomatico has recruited three Diplomats: a chef, a gardener and a tailor. These individuals display the aforementioned qualities and employ them in a way that brings a modern approach to these classic fields of endeavour. They would like to recruit another, someone who can do the same in the cocktail world.

The successful applicant will travel to Venezuela to visit the distillery where Diplomatico’s range of award-winning sipping rums are made. To find out what really makes the brand tick, the winner will get the chance to meet members of the Ballesteros family and also Diplomatico’s Master Distiller, Tito Cordero, two-time winner of Distiller of the Year at the Golden Rum Barrel Awards. This in itself is a great prize, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

However, in addition to this, the winner will also be provided with stock and support to host events in their bar this Summer. It is here you get to flex your creative muscles and demonstrate how you would express the concept of New Era Diplomacy.

This competition seeks to explore you and your personality, and as such there is no drink to create in order to enter. Instead, there are a few questions below that you will need to answer.

Instead of filling the form in on the fly and hitting ‘submit’, we suggest you make note of the questions and then sit yourself down with a glass of Diplomatico, and formulate your answers with those qualities – innovation, adventure, passion, and self-belief – in mind.

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