BBFB Training Team & Brand Ambassador Seminars at Leeds Loves Cocktails

The BBFB Training Team & Brand Ambassadors will be combining all their ABV related knowledge to give a series of seminars and workshops at this year’s inaugural Leeds Loves Cocktails event in June.

Click the image to see the seminar and workshop schedule full size

After the huge success of The Training Team’s Cocktail Culture sessions last year, they are back, this time in conjunction with the BBFB Brand Ambassadors on June 5th. 12-4pm at Oracle.

Seminars include, ‘The Language of Cocktails’ – how the way we articulate cocktails to guests, lures them into ordering new and different drinks. ‘Reclamation! Proclamation!’  showcases five styles of drink that The Training Team have reclaimed and will be shouting about that would suit various menus. Workshops will test your skills and creativity.

Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire, Martini, Drambuie and American Whiskey Brand Ambassadors will be delivering workshops throughout Cocktail Culture as well as hosting a series of seminars throughout the week at various bars. Woodford Reserve will be hosting a mighty competition, challenging the best bartenders in town.

Those who would like to attend and of these activities, need to purchase a wrist band which gives access to all of the week’s events.. These are available at participating venues with more details on Facebook
To see exactly what the BBFB Training Team & Ambassadors have on offer during Leeds Loves Cocktails, you can also head over their Facebook Page: The Training Team