BarLifeUK Launches Cocktail Competition Podcast Series

The first episode of the BarLifeUK Cocktail Competition Podcast is live now

It’s a new year, and the worst of the pandemic and restrictions on trade appear to be behind us. Here at BarLifeUK, we’ve noticed a distinct change over the last few weeks – spirit brands are waking up, and cocktail competitions are back on the menu (we will be announcing a bunch of them in the coming weeks).

Aside from a few notable and praiseworthy exceptions, like Jägermeister’s Meister Hunter, comps have been thin on the ground for the best part of three years, and to help bartenders blow off the competition cobwebs, BarLifeUK has launched a new podcast series dedicated to the subject of comps. The fortnightly episodes will see BarLifeUK founders Andy Ives and Simon Webster use experience gained judging hundreds of heats to pull the competition entry and performance process apart, providing practical advice about how to be more successful, and get the most out of the time and effort invested in a competition entry.

In each episode, hosts Simon and Andy will examine a facet of creating an entry, often joined by guests with subject expertise, and there will also be special episodes dedicated to specific cocktail competitions as they appear on the horizon. The first episode, which introduces the series and contains BrLifeUK’s top 6 competition tips, is live now on all good podcast services.

Listen to the BarLifeUK Cocktail Competition Podcast now

To find the podcast, search for BarLifeUK in your preferred streaming service (fuck Joe Rogan), or visit the podcast website for direct links here.