BarLifeUK & DrinkUp.London Join Forces for London Cocktail Week 2017


New partnership to introduce programme of bartender-selected learning sessions to London Cocktail Week in 2017

Earlier this year BarLifeUK and DrinkUp.London got together to talk about London Cocktail Week (LCW). In particular, we discussed ways of making LCW as useful as possible to bartenders from all over the UK, as well as subjects that would make for interesting and entertaining trade seminars.

At the end of that long and fairly boozy discussion, we cBarLifeUK News - BarLifeUK & DrinkUp.London Join Forces for London Cocktail Week 2017oncluded that the two points were intrinsically linked – if we choose the right seminar subjects, and give the trade a home during LCW, bartenders from outside London will be more likely to travel, and for the trade, the ‘London’ in London Cocktail Week will describe where the event takes place, not what it is about.

As a result, we have two announcements to make:

The first is the introduction of The Bartender Edit, a self-contained, trade-only series of talks and seminars that will run alongside the consumer activity of LCW. The Bartender Edit will have its own hub, which will host trade-only events and serve as a base for bartenders during LCW.

The second is that we want you to help us shape the content of The Bartender Edit, and make it as useful and engaging to the trade as possible. You can get involved with this process by suggesting subjects you would like to see covered, or by submitting a presentation you would like to deliver during The Bartender Edit.

The aim of these additions to LCW 2017 is to create an inclusive, week-long event that will celebrate and support the UK’s bar community in its entirety. For this to happen, we need you to get involved. If there is a subject you would like to see explored in a seminar, let us know. If there is a presentation you would personally like to deliver, tell us about that too. Ideas and submissions from bartenders of any experience level are welcome, the object of this exercise is to create a programme of events that has something for everyone who makes a living behind the stick.

More information about The Bartender Edit will be released in the coming weeks, however seminar ideas can be submitted now, using the form below. The deadline for seminar submission is August 14th, 2017.