BarLifeUK & Drinksin Partnership

Drinksin – BarLifeUK Partnership Brings the On-Trade Even Closer to Customers

Drinksin – the online pub and bar community changing the way bar owners and operatord can interact with customers online, via mobile applications and social networks and Bar industry website, BarLifeUK‘s media partnership creates vital on-trade resource.

Who are BarLifeUK and Drinksin?

The Drinksin network gives on-trade outlets access to a network of customers who account for over half a million page views per month, and allows venue managers to target their offering to local users via the Drinksin websites and mobile applications to drive customers through the door.

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Our new best friends

Venues can advertise upcoming events and special offers, promote private hire facilities as well as offerings such as free Wi-Fi, cocktails or big screen entertainment to users who are specifically searching for them in their area online or using their mobile.

BarLifeUK provides bar, premium pub and drinks industry professionals with news, product information and expert opinion from domestic and international contributors, with the specific aim of helping venue operators improve their offering and develop their businesses through good service, practice and innovation.

Why is this Partnership Good for the On-Trade?

The worlds of social media, online marketing and trade publishing have a natural synergy.  While the Drinksin network provides access to a network of ready-made customers, BarLifeUK editorial and industry knowledge provides advice and guidance on how to exploit that network.

This partnership gives the on-trade something it has never had before: access to customers specifically looking for what they offer and vital industry information and advice in the same place and with a common vision – helping venues become more profitable.

How do I get Involved?

That’s the easy part. Visit Drinksin and list your venue. Then visit BarLifeUK subs page  and subscribe to their fortnightly BarBulletin emails.

Everything else will appear in your inbox, as if by magic.