BarLifeUK Cocktail Ashes 2010: There Will Be Sledging

In association with Aussie Spirits and Bombay Sapphire

With thanks to exclusive beer supplier, Coopers

England Vs Australia on a cricket pitch – There was a time when the outcome was inevitable.

In association with Aussie Spirits and Bombay Sapphire

England’s bowlers would crack under pressure. Shane Warne would call Ian Bell ‘The Sherminator’ as he took to the crease, and Australia would walk away with their Baggy Greens held high.

But times have changed of late. Two out of the last three Ashes series have gone England’s way, and a shock victory over the Aussies in the T20 World Cup final have us thinking maybe, just maybe, we can turn them over down under in November.

Of course, any Australian reading this has just choked on his VB at the thought of losing the Ashes to England on home soil. It’s an argument that will rage until the winning run is scored.

BarLifeUK love cricket. We love cocktails too, and a bit of friendly banter.

Cocktail Ashes Beer Supplier, Cooper

As such, in association with Aussie Spirits and Bombay Sapphire, we are pleased to bring the Old Rivalry to a very special cocktail competition that will test your nerve, drinkmanship and ability to trash talk – The 2010 Cocktail Ashes.

Taking place on 29th November in London, the Cocktail Ashes will see 2 teams of English and Australian bartenders face-off over mixology and ‘Twenty20’ speed rounds for the Ashes trophy.

Sledging plays a vital role in any England – Australia cricket match, and the Cocktail Ashes are no different. For the first time ever (that we can think of?) it will be possible for competitors to score points for the best sledges whilst their opponents are ‘batting’.

Your Country Needs You

Think you are fast enough for the speed Twenty20 speed round?

Think you can make a winning drink while being heckled mercilessly?

Then send us your best sledge for a chance to be on one of the teams. The best three Aussie and English entrants will make up the teams.

UPDATE: Cocktail Ashes Teams Announced