BarLifeUK and Mixxit Launch Rookie Programme

Twelve rookie bartenders to receive a unique, year-long training and educational programme.

*Hurry – Entry Deadline Midnight 1st December*

BarLifeUK and MIXXIT have joined forces to create the most exciting initiative the UK bar industry has seen in recent years – The 2015 Rookie Programme.

Rising to the top of the bartending industry requires much more than just great drink-making and service skills these days. As a bartender progresses towards running a bar, they also need to be expert in menu creation, back-of-house, profit and loss, marketing and social media. And should they eventually want to open their own joint, you can add fund-raising and running a business to this list

The 2015 Rookie Programme will select twelve newcomer bartenders to receive a year-long education and training programme, specifically designed to help them acquire these skills, delivered by the industry’s most qualified and respected experts.

The Programme will provide the best possible foundation of skills for twelve talented bartenders at the beginning of their careers, setting them up to be among the next generation of industry greats.

The 2015 Rookie Programme will be completely free, and all associated travel and accommodation will be provided.

A unique and valuable opportunity

The chosen 12 rookies will be brought together once a month for a day-long (sometimes 2 day) training session run by some of the world’s leading drinks industry experts.

Over the course of the year, they will be given all the knowledge and skills they need to ensure the group become the future stars of the UK and world bar scene. In addition to the monthly session with industry experts, each training day will also see the MIXXIT team tackle a specific spirit category with tutored tastings and category education to increase their general knowledge.

The Rookie Programme provides a once in a lifetime, money-cannot-buy opportunity for either you or your staff, and is not to be missed.

Throughout the year each Rookie will also be featured on BarLifeUK to increase their exposure throughout the industry.

What is a Rookie, and who can enter?

  • The opportunity to join this inaugural group of 12 Rookies is open to any bartender in the UK who is over 18 and has less than 18 months as a bartender in a cocktail bar.*
  • You can apply to be part of this Rookie Programme yourself.
  • Bar managers and owners can nominate any eligible staff.
  • The application form will take 10 – 15 minutes to complete and will help us ensure that the 12 that are chosen are dedicated to the bar industry and will complete the programme.
  • All travel and accommodation costs will be covered by The Rookie Programme.
  • You must be available one day a month (occasionally two) to attend the sessions.
  • You must be based in England, Wales or Northern Ireland (Scottish bartenders see below**).
  • Entry deadline November 30th 2014

*Pulling pints in a pub or bar backing/waiting tables in a bar do not count against this time. 

**Scottish bartenders please apply to the Dram Apprenticeship Programme which will be providing one apprentice each year to join the Rookie Programme.

The Dram Apprenticeship Programme has run for the last eight years and has been a joint venture between MIXXIT and Dram Magazine, Scotland. It has been open to bartender working in Scotland and will continue to run. Any Scottish based bartender who is interested in this programme should contact MIXXIT Manager Amanda Humphrey:

Entries now ended for 2015 Programme. 2016 Programme will launch later in the year.