BarLifeUK and Cuervo Tradicional go OnLocation

Over the coming months the BarLifeUK team will be touring the UK with Cuervo Tradicional to check out the country’s leading cocktail cities.

The new OnLocation feature will see us visiting a different city/town each month and spending a couple of days visiting the top venues.

Since we launched BarLifeUK 2.5 years ago we have been lucky enough to visit, drink in and judge cocktail competitions in bars across the country. In that time we have noticed that each city has its own cocktail culture, its own trends and its own personality.

Whilst many bartenders get the chance to visit London every few months to check out the latest bar trends there, how often do you get the chance to visit Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Brighton, Liverpool, Reading etc.?

We mock certain Americans for talking with ‘authority’ on world cocktail culture without even having a passport yet think nothing of people who bang on about the UK cocktail culture without leaving London.

Unfortunately we can’t take you all with us on these trips but we can give you a snap shot of what’s happening outside of our capital.

OnLocation will not only bring much deserved exposure to some of the truly world class bars outside London but also give everyone an idea of what the rest of the country is up to. In a perfect world it will inspire you to visit these towns and cities and see what the UK as a whole has to offer.

Our partners on this exciting new venture are Cuervo Tradicional who will be joining us on all our trips. We start off with Bristol and Manchester, however no matter where you are, if you think your bar and your city/town is worth a visit we’d love to hear from you at