BarLife UK’s Best Awards Open for Nominations


The time has come to tell us which people and bars you believe are the best in the UK.

BarLifeUK News - BarLifeUK Launch Bar AwardsThe BarLife UK’s Best Awards are new, transparent and trade-voted awards for the UK bar industry. If you missed the awards launch announcement, you can read all about it here.

Voter registration has been open for one month (you can still register to vote here), and now that ‘electorate’ numbers are growing, it’s time to start collecting nominations for the six categories that will be judged by the trade (the UK’s Best Bartender competition will open for entries in August).

You can enter a nomination in one, some or all of these categories. A bar, team or person only needs one nomination to be included in the voting process. And yes, of course you can enter yourself or your bar…

Nomination Deadline and Voting

The deadline to get your nominations in is September 25th. After which, the full lists of nominees will be published and voting will begin. This may sound like a long time, but don’t procrastinate. Send your nominations in asap.

You don’t need to have registered to vote in order to send in a nomination. But surely you want to be able to vote for your picks come September 25th? So make sure you register as a voter today.

 Submit Your Nominations

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