Baltic Old Bar Superstars Back for One Night Only

With a combined age of 160, the 2003 Class Bar Team of the Year are back for the farewell tour that never happened.

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Click image to view it full size

Matt Pomeroy, Maximilian Warner, Robin Hitchcock and Wojtek Karbowski, with some help from the PRUK BEAT team, will be back behind the Baltic bar on May 6th.

If you can make yourself heard over the sound of creaking hips, a selection of Baltic classic drinks will be available at 2003 prices. There will also be food on hand to keep your hands busy, as the old boys will inevitably be a bit slow behind the stick.

They say: “We guarantee that whatever happens, the four of us will have a ruddy good time! The original ‘good time bar’ wants to give you a special few hours from 6-9pm, we really hope you can make it!! Please come and bring friends..

You can let them know you are coming on the Old Bar Superstar Facebook page.