Bacardi Legacy UK Winner Announced

After an amazing six months of campaigning the 3 Most Promising gathered together last night to discover who was going to represent the UK at the global final.

In its 150 year history the Shoreditch Town Hall must have seen some sites however we doubt it has ever hosted three more nervous people than Matt Fairhurst, Benji Davies and Ally Martin. As we entered the bar at The Clove Club there were plenty of laughing, smiling faces and three terrified ones.bacardilegacyfinalists-307x205

They had spent the last 6 months promoting the hell out of their respective drinks, Tempting Fate, Golden Age and Young Cuban, in bars across the globe and posting more Facebook updates than a 14 year old girl. The few hours before the announcement must have felt like a lifetime in comparison.

As much as they have been battling each other for the title, the guys have obviously become firm friends and were enjoying each others drinks and company as the other guests agreed they had no idea who was going to end the night victorious.

The 40 or so gathered in the room had all been involved in the journey, and make no mistake it has been a journey, they’d been on but none more so than their girlfriends who were celebrating not only their achievements but also actually seeing their partners for a whole evening.

Shervene and May were of course on hand to host as only they can and May was so excited about the occasion she had donned her wedding dress. They had both been instrumental in the guys adventures and were rightly very proud of what all three had achieved.

There was an amazing meal, including a very emotional speech by May, in the Clove Club restaurant, however there were three plates which remained largely untouched as huge banners outlining their accomplishments loomed over them. Eventually the announcement had to come and Shev stood up to deliver the result in what was an extremely close run race.

Ally Martin was announced the victor and the room stood as one to applaud his win. Amongst the smiles and hugs you couldn’t help but feel desperately sorry for Matt & Benji who had worked so hard.

The party and drinks continued, moving to Loves Company, as thoughts and conversations turned to the Global Final in Sydney in a few weeks time. Ally will be a superb representative for the UK and must be one of the favourites to take the crown, we doubt there will be many, if any, tougher opponents that Matt & Benji.

Never have we known a competition that has given the industry three such great drinks that will all, we’re sure, stand the test of time. More than the drinks the competition has shown the world just how strong the UK bar scene is and Matt, Benji & Ally have been and will continue to be fantastic ambassadors for our industry.

Having been on the journey with these three since the start were here to tell you these guys have only just begun to show you want they are about.

Huge congratulations to Ally and we look forward to bringing you news of all his adventures in Sydney and as always a massive shoutout to Shev and May for creating such an amazing programme.

Young Cuban

50ml Bacardi Superior
20ml lemon juice
15ml Orgeat
10ml Fino Sherry
4 sprigs of dill

Shake all with ice and double strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a sprig of dill.