Bacardi Legacy Open For Entries

The UK finalists will win trips to New York and Puerto Rico with the 2020 edition of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition.

Summer is always a happy time in the BarLifeUK offices, the sun is shining which means ‘meetings’ in beer gardens, the cricket is back with the added bonus this year of not only a majestic WC win but the Ashes, and it is competition season.

Last years Global Final

For the summer months barely a week goes by when we are not traveling around the country and being treated to (mainly) delicious drinks by some of the best bartenders in the UK and, therefore, the world. In the world of cocktail comps there is no doubt Bacardi Legacy holds a special place with us.

For the past 7 years we have been involved with Legacy and every year we are impressed by the level of drinks and presentations as well as the time an effort that is put into Legacy at every stage of the competition by the Bacardi team.

This year is no exception and one big change is the introduction of the Legacy ambassador programme. Over the years fantastic bartenders have competed at both the National and Global levels and seven of these names have been picked who will provide bartenders looking to enter with advice and mentorship on drinks, recipes, inspiration and cocktail competition execution. Ambassadors will give invaluable and constructive feedback on cocktail creations ahead of submitting entries, providing new entrants with the opportunity to learn exactly what it takes to go all the way.

These ambassadors are:

  • Chelsie Bailey (Filthy xiii, Bristol): Global Finalist of 2019 and current UK champion
  • Clare Morrow (Lyaness Bar, London): National Finalist of 2019
  • Leon Back (Artesian, London): Global Finalist of 2018
  • Kaitlin Wilkes (Berkeley Bar, London): Global Finalist of 2017
  • Joseph Harper (Savoy Hotel, London): Global Finalist of 2017
  • Matthew Dakers (London Cocktail Club, London): Global Finalist of 2010
  • Joey Medrington (Montpellier group, Edinburgh): National Finalist of 2010

Now then let’s have a look at the specifications for your drink. As Bacardi are looking for the next modern day classic with Legacy the rules are designed to ensure that the drink can be made around the world by bartenders of varying levels of skill (the full list of specifications can be found on the Legacy website here).

  • The recipe must be rum-based and include as the dominant spirit ingredient either of the following products: BACARDÍ® Carta Blanca Rum, BACARDÍ® Carta Oro Rum, BACARDÍ® Añejo Cuatro Rum or BACARDÍ®Reserva Ocho Rum.
  • The recipe must contain no other rum brands.

    UK Winner 2019 Chelsie Bailey
  • The recipes must contain no more than six (6) ingredients. Any garnish or spritz that is not already listed as an ingredient and which changes the taste or aromatic profile of the cocktail will be considered an additional ingredient – e.g. aromatic herbs, zests, spices, bitters or liqueurs applied to the glass or drink, etc…
  • The recipe should contain commonly available ingredients. Commonly available ingredients are defined as those ingredients that are frequently available to ‘cocktail bars’ around the world.
  • House specific, or home-made, ingredients will not be eligible unless these are easy to make and are accompanied by a full recipe and methodology of preparation.
  • Home-made syrups are permitted but must have no more than two (2) flavor ingredients.
  • Home-made shrubs are permitted but must have no more than two (2) flavor ingredients (with the vinegar being included as one (1) flavor ingredient).
  • Home-made bitters and tinctures are prohibited.
  • Home-made fermented beverages e.g. kefir, kombucha, kvass are prohibited.
  • Home-made rum blends or rum infusions are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to use ingredients that contain tobacco, any type of drug or psychotropic ingredient. It is also prohibited to use any kind of flame when preparing your cocktail.
  • The drink cannot contain more than 3 units of alcohol (if you are unfamiliar with how to work this out check out the Legacy website).

The deadline for entries is August 15th so if you want to make the most out of the ambassadors advice you’ll need to get working on that serve sooner rather than later.

After the entries have been submitted the shortlist for the heats in Glasgow, Manchester & London will be drawn up. After the heats the winner of each will be taken by Bacardi to New York & Puerto Rico to help inspire the next step of your journey.

We will be bringing you an interview with the ambassadors in the next couple of weeks but in the meantime you can contact them direct to get individual feedback and your drink can be entered at the Bacardi Legacy website here.

We look forward to trying your drinks in the heats later in the year.

Bacardi Legacy terms and conditions can be downloaded here: