Bacardi Jigger Beaker Glass Education Roadshow 2018-19 Dates 

Sessions cover: The Future of Mixed Drinks; The Science of Flavour; Sustainability: Cut The Crap

BarLifeUK News - Bacardi Jigger Beaker Glass Education Roadshow 2018-19 Dates Bacardi Brown Forman Brands’ (BBFB) training and education roadshow, Jigger Beaker Glass, has begun a tour of the UK, with sessions taking place throughout the country during 2018 and into 2019. The initiative is formed around three key areas of learning (Jigger – Skills; Beaker – Innovation; Glass – Drinks), and each session is led by members of the BBFB advocacy team and various industry luminaries and subject experts. Within this three-aspect framework, the Jigger Beaker Glass sessions cover three topics:

The Future of Mixed Drinks

Jigger (Skills) Get busy with the fizzy. A study of carbonation, from bottled cocktails to tap-tails in collaboration with Craig Harper
Beaker (Innovation) Change, the only constant. A debate on past drinks consumption alongside present and future trends with industry pioneers and forecasters Craig Harper, Remy Savage, Tristan Stephenson and Jane Ryan
Glass (Drinks) Remy Savage presents three drinks that reflect current and future trends

The Science of Flavour

Jigger (Skills) Apparatus 101. Understanding how and when to use scientific techniques within cocktail creation, presented by Greg Almeida, Chris Moore and Rebecca Sides
Beaker (Innovation) The BBFB Advocacy team discuss the sensation of taste and how this can be manipulated to push the boundaries of sensory perception
Glass (Drinks) Chris, Greg and Rebecca share three drinks that showcase the science of flavour

Sustainability: Cut The Crap

Jigger (Skills) Trash to Cash. How can you turn mass waste into mass money? A hands-on approach to garnishes and prep with Super Lyan and the BBFB Advocacy Team
Beaker (Innovation) Simone Difford and the Super Lyan team discuss the concept and understanding of sustainability and how the small steps we can collectively take can make a big difference
Glass (Drinks) The Super Lyan team showcases three drinks that reflect sustainable practice

Shervene Shahbazkhani, Head of Brand Advocacy – UK, Bacardi Brown-Forman comments: “Our ambition with Jigger Beaker Glass is to continually adapt, evolve and drive the industry forward whilst showcasing the incredible agility, passion and ambition behind the BBFB advocacy team. In such a fast- paced global community, education is more important than ever and we are truly committed to creating a better industry culture for all. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes from this year’s tour!

Attend Jigger beaker Glass

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The Schedule

23rd July, Brighton: The Future of Mixed Drinks
28th August, Manchester: The Science of Flavour
25th September, Edinburgh: The Science of Flavour
26th November, Leeds: The Future of Mixed Drinks

22nd January, London: Sustainability: Cut The Crap
19th February, Bristol: The Science of Flavour