Bacardi Classics Softball Tournament Back for 2013

Don’t Wear Shorts!

And the smallest shorts award goes to Simon Toohey

There were a few weeks during the Summer of 2012 when a large proportion of London’s bartenders walked with a limp – surprisingly, the result of ‘doing sport’, as opposed to sexual misadventures.

The sport in question was softball, namely Bacardi’s inaugural bartender softball tournament.

Despite being in the ‘Old Timers’ team which lost to London Cocktail Club in the final, we said at the time that the day out was one of the Summer’s best events.

Happily, Bacardi are doing it all again this weekend, and given the amazing weather of recent weeks, we are pretty sure we will be saying the same thing again.

Proceedings kick off on at 12:00pm on Sunday August 4th at Finsbury Park Softball pitches.

There will be music, booze and food on hand, as well as the always-entertaining spectacle of unfit bartenders running to keep you amused while you cheer on your team.

If you are reading this having been invited to play on one of the teams, we have a very important piece of advice for you:

Don’t wear shorts

We did last year, and sliding into the bases will tear you up – we still have actual scars.

Click here to read the Bacardi Classics Softball Guide, which includes softball’s rules, and what to expect of the day.

Expect this sort of thing.

The team captains

  • Alistair Reynolds: Hawksmoor
  • Megs Miller: East London
  • Jake Burger: West London
  • Tom Kerr: Soho House Group
  • James JJ Goodman: London Cocktail Club
  • MiMi Lorandova: The Eastern Eurpoeans
  • Steven Tarr: Rushmore Group
  • David Cordoba: The Brand Ambassdors