Babička Original Wormwood Vodka Cocktail Competition

How do you fancy a trip to Prague courtesy of Babička Original Wormwood Vodka?

Prague is not only the home of Stag parties and giant glasses of great beer it is also the birthplace of the world’s first original wormwood vodka – Babička.

Babička vodka was inspired by 16th century Czechoslovakian wise old women called “babičkas”. The babičkas freely used wormwood in their potions for its reputation of enhancing sensuality, creativity and love.

The Babička cocktail competition will be asking bartenders to use this history as inspiration for their drinks as well as a large pinch of the fun and party aspect of the brand.

Over two heats in London in August the judges (including Babička founder Alex Clarke and Czech bartending superstar Zdenek Kastanek) will pick two winners to join them on a trip of a lifetime to Prague.

The winners won’t be on your traditional distillery tour and fancy meals type of trip but on a few days of fun and drinking in the Czech capital, that is what it’s famous for after all! There will be a few surprises in store as well but more of that at a later date.

So to be in with a chance to win a place on what is surely to become an annual party trip every bartender will want to be on simply enter your cocktail recipe below. The rules are as relaxed as they can get with your only criteria being it must contain at least 30ml of Babička.

So get those creative juices flowing and get your name in the hat.

The judging criteria for the heats will be:

  • Taste 40pts
  • Name 10pts
  • Appearance 10pts
  • Presentation 10pts
  • Comedy Banter 10pts
  • Balance 10pts
  • Product Knowledge 10pts

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