Australia’s Orlando Marzo Wins World Class 2018

GB’s Daniel Warren beaten by Australia’s Orlando Marzo in the closing stages of World Class 2018

Orlando Marzo
Orlando Marzo

When BarLifeUK report on a big competition final, we generally try to describe the atmosphere in the room, so that readers can get a sense of what it was like to be there.

This year, we didn’t get an invitation to the World Class final, which took place last night in Berlin, so the best I can do is describe the atmosphere in my kitchen, which is where I watched the live stream:

At first the kitchen was quiet, the only sound a gentle ‘ticking’ that came from the oven as it cooled (I had a jacket potato for tea). The crowd (of 1) shifted excitedly in their seats, as the time for the announcement approached. Anticipation reached fever pitch as the kettle boiled, and I decided to have a Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer with my cup of tea. Speaking of tea, someone should give Spike Marchant a mug of chamomile before he goes on stage next time. Bring it down a notch, Spike. A man asked the audience to make some noise. And some more noise. And a bit more noise. I turned the volume down on my phone. Finally, the noise stopped for a moment, and the last pause for effect stretched on, and on, and on. Then the noise came back again, and I said ‘Ah, that’s a shame. I really thought Dan was going to win it’ as I went back to my sofa and watched the rest of Department Q, The Keeper of Lost Causes. Which, incidentally, is quite good if you like Scandi Noir.

Of course, this piece isn’t really about my preference for Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers over their Teacakes. Rather, it is a chance to say a heartfelt ‘well done’ to Daniel Warren. You did GB proud, and making it to the final four is a huge achievement. We hope you enjoyed the World Class journey, and especially hope you enjoy the next few days of decompression and de-stressing.

Congratulations must also go to Orlando Marzo, the World Class 2018 champion, and the other two members of the final four, USA’s Laura Newman, and Turkey’s Gökhan Kuşoğlu.

Well played Australia…