Attend Crown Cellars’ Spirit Portfolio Launch Event, Featuring The Thinking Drinkers


Event details: 10th April; 17:00 – 22:00; The Vinyl Factory, London

The Thinking Drinkers
The Thinking Drinkers

Next week, Crown Cellars will reveal its new spirits portfolio, Distilled, at an exclusive launch event in Soho.

Headlining the event are the Thinking Drinkers, who will deliver three talks in typically humorous and boozy fashion, along with brand teams from around over 20  Distilled suppliers. Attendees will be fed and watered (street food, craft beer, cocktails) and a DJ will be on hand to play whatever it is that young people listen to these days.

Bartenders interested in a bit of networking will be able to meet reps and ambassadors from (among other brands) Diplimatico Reserva, El Dorado Rum, Sipsmith Gin, Kraken Rum, Brooklyn Gin, and Chase Distilling.

Learning, and hopefully laughing, opportunities will occur when the Thinking Drinkers tackle the following three subjects:

Mixers – Exploring the history of the immortal gin and tonic and discussing ginger ale, which is an exceptionally versatile mixer. (serving Warner Edwards HoneyBee, Fever-Tree lemon tonic and sage)

Garnishes – Discussing flavour and botanicals, identifying accents in spirits and cocktails, and then exploring ways to garnish with something less familiar. (serving Tanqueray 10 & grapefruit)

The Boilermaker – The Ampersand, Between the Sheets and The Sidecar are all classic Cognac cocktails that showcase how well French brandy works with orange flavours – whether that’s Triple Sec, orange bitters, or a garnish. Which is why the Thinking Drinkers have paired this iconic eau-de-vie, full of woody and nutty notes, with this superbly citrusy and aromatic American pale ale which is brewed with the addition of sweet orange peel. (serving Courvoisier & Brooklyn Naranjito)

All in all, sounds like a fun and productive way to spend a Tuesday evening. To reserve a free ticket, fill out the form below.

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