Applications Open for Rookie Programme 2016

In 2016 the Rookie Programme returns to offer 12 young bartenders the greatest year-long training programme in the bar industry.

2015 saw BarLifeUK team up with Mixxit, Maxxium’s training and education programme, to launch the Rookie Programme. The idea was simple, to provide the best training by the best in our industry to 12 bartenders over a year long period.

The 2015 Rookies
The 2015 Rookies

When it launched we received over 300 applications from bartenders across the country, all of whom matched the criteria of working behind a cocktail bar for 18 months or less (full details on criteria later). After a lot of discussions and phone calls we picked our first 12 Rookies who were to meet every month for a day long training session.

With bartending now recognised as a professional career that can result in fame, fortune, travel and solid base is more important than ever and there is no better training programme in the world for providing that base to newcomer bartenders than the Mixxit & BarLifeUK Rookie Programme.

In the past year the Rookies have had sessions with Jake Burger, Gareth Evans, Erik Lorincz, James Hopkins, Dan Priseman, John Clay, Matthew Dakers, Tomas Estes, Jesse Estes, Jamie Baxter, Wayne Collins, Jamie Kimber, Paul McFadyen, Stuart Hudson, Mark Ward, Ali Reynolds, Josh Reynolds, David Miles, Thomas Aske, Rebekkah Dooley, Chris Edwardes and all led by Amanda Humphrey of the Mixxit team.

This group covered a huge range of topics and skills as well as training on all the major spirits categories. Every aspect of being a great bartender has been covered. All travel and accommodation is included, as are nights out in some of the country’s best bars.

I think you’d agree that is one hell of an opportunity, and line up of experts to learn your trade from and next year the line-up of talks will involve even more leading industry names. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you or your staff to get a massive leg up in our industry.

Now it is your chance to be involved so do you fit into the following criteria:

  • The opportunity to join this years group of 12 Rookies is open to any bartender in the UK who is over 18 and has less than 18 months as a bartender in a cocktail bar.*
  • You can apply to be part of this Rookie Programme yourself.
  • Bar managers and owners can nominate any eligible staff.
  • The application form will take 10 – 15 minutes to complete and will help us ensure that the 12 that are chosen are dedicated to the bar industry and will complete the programme.
  • All travel and accommodation costs will be covered by The Rookie Programme.
  • You must be available for two days every 2 months to attend the sessions.
  • You must be based in England, Wales or Northern Ireland (Scottish bartenders see below**).
  • Entry deadline March 4th 2016

*Pulling pints in a pub or bar backing/waiting tables in a bar do not count against this time.

**Scottish bartenders please apply to the Dram Apprenticeship Programme which will be providing one apprentice each year to join the Rookie Programme.

The Dram Apprenticeship Programme has run for the last eight years and has been a joint venture between MIXXIT and Dram Magazine, Scotland. It has been open to bartender working in Scotland and will continue to run. Any Scottish based bartender who is interested in this programme should contact MIXXIT Manager Amanda Humphrey: