Andy Gemmell Launches Whisky Wonderland

Love Scotch? Hate the wanky stuff that all too often surrounds it? Andy Gemmell has your back.

Andy Gemmell has been training and educating bartenders since before anyone can remember. Now, despite owning and running the superb The Gate in Glasgow, Andy has never stopped stretching his educational muscles and has now launched Whisky Wonderland.

Probably best not to try and WhatsApp Andy

In their own words:

‘Whisky Wonderland is a new interactive platform that’s aim is to break down the pompous barriers of Scotch and showcase the diversity and fun side of Scotland’s national spirit and bring a new audience to the category.’

Andy had help from his team at The Gate developing Whisky Wonderland. It will be focusing on four key areas:

Interactive Website
They are currently developing a website that will be the hub for all whisky-related activity in Scotland. The website will include an interactive map and whisky trial, starting with Glasgow, that users will be able to see what is going on right now when it comes to whisky, from tastings, experiences malt of the month to cocktails. Tourists and locals will be able to build their own whisky journey, while in the city. This will be extending throughout Scotland.

Interactive Whisky Flavour Chart
That guests can fill out to find the perfect whisky or whisky cocktail for them, as well as a podcast and live tasting on all things whisky.

Andy Gemmell along with his team at The Gate have already launched The Whisky Wonderland training two months ago and to great acclaim. The sessions are focused on the on-trade and in particular staff beginning to learn about whisky. The course has been developed to focus on flavour and how to sell whisky rather than the history and production methods. A consumer session will be available after the summer.

Whisky Wonderland will collaborate with whisky trailblazers to hold events across Scotland to showcase the diversity of Scotch.

As well as a new website (coming soon) that they plan to be the hub for all things whisky in Scotland, they have also developed innovative training sessions as well as collaborations with many of whiskies trailblazers.

Today sees their first collaboration with Hospo Live and Daryl Haldane of Whyte & MacKay. Tune in at 5pm on Facebook for questionable chat and some Scotch knowledge bombs.

You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram as well as sign up for the latest news including when their website goes live here

We can’t wait to see what Andy and the team come up with in the coming weeks and months.