Ananas Academy Makes Its Online Training Free Worldwide

All hospitality workers will now be able to access a myriad of online training free with the Ananas Academy.

Some of you will not have heard of Ananas, a training hub out of Australia, but it’s a phenomenal website with a wealth of information and videos which are now open to you.

Started up by friend of BarLifeUK Sven Almenning, who is also owner of The Speakeasy Group who operate Eau-de-Vie, Boilermaker, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and more, it draws on his previous role as owner of award-winning training company Behind Bars.

It offers training on all aspects of hospitality from spirits and service to skills and cocktails. All delivered by some of the leading experts and most knowledgeable folk we know. It’s also worth noting it is free from brand affiliation.

Now, thanks to the generosity of the Ananas team, and another example of what a wonderful industry we work in, all of these courses are free (currently until June 1st but this will be monitored as the crises unfolds).  This will allow you to study and learn, and even walk away with certifications for use when applying for jobs in the future.

To sign up all you have to do is visit the Ananas Academy website and head to the individuals tab. Currently the Basics section is the only one free which the team suggest everyone takes (you can just jump straight to the ‘test’ sections if you are feeling confident). The other sections will be coming live as free in the next day or so. If you are already signed-up you will also get all of this for free during this period (a form of rent-relief for training).

There is also a section for bar and restaurant groups which can help manage their staff’s training journey and see how they are getting on, plus a series of templates for help with training, once again free, will be launched in the near future.

Venues and groups who want to take advantage of this can contact to have their free account set-up.

This truly is an amazing tool and a fantastic gesture from Sven and the Ananas team to get it out there for everyone to use. Take advantage of the generosity.

We’ll leave the final word to Sven, followed by a video explaining a bit more about Ananas:

‘We are hoping that by​ making​ the ANANA­S​ platform free for both individuals and organisations in the​ coming months, we’ll be able to assi­st bar and wait staff who want to skill up and​ increase the­ir chances of employ­ment when things imp­rove, as well as own­ers who want to stre­amline and speed up their on-boarding and internal training programs.’


Ananas Promo (individuals) from Ananas on Vimeo.