Add Your Voice to the Covid-19 Public Inquiry: Consultation Ends April 7th

Take part in an online consultation which shape the Covid-19 Public Inquiry – Submit your input by April 7th

A public inquiry into the Government’s handing of the Covid-19 pandemic response has taken its first steps by launching a consultation which will shape the form and scope of the investigation. Members of the public have been invited to contribute to this consultation, with a view to making sure the right questions are being asked. As members of an industry that was catastrophically effected by social distancing measures, hospitality workers can make sure their point of view is represented in the inquiry by getting involved in this consultation stage. You can add your voice via the online form here:

The inquiry is being chaired by Baroness Hallett, who is quoted as ‘being keen to ensure that timely recommendations are made with the aim of preventing and reducing the suffering and hardship that occurred during the first two years of the pandemic. The Inquiry will therefore have to balance its task of conducting thorough investigations with the need to make meaningful and prompt recommendations. Your views will help the Chair to do this’.

If you have questions for Boris, Matt, Jacob, and the rest, this is your chance to make sure those questions are asked…