Abby Goodhall Creates ‘Hump Day’ Pins For Industry Folk Who Are Not Drinking

Hump Day pins are a non-verbal way of communicating that you are not currently consuming alcohol

In Abby’s own words:

I’d like to introduce you all to ‘Hump day’: A non-verbal way of communicating to other industry members that you’re currently not consuming alcohol.

After experiencing more than a decade’s worth of bartenders’ ‘handshakes’ and never feeling able to refuse the offer. A decade of finding myself forced into a party environment. A decade of making poor decisions, followed by horrific anxiety – I thought I had reached an age where I could simply say no… but that isn’t always the case.

The hospitality industry still seems to glorify excessive drinking within its kin and more often than not, when we refuse a drink or shot, we are made to believe we are ‘weak’, ‘feeble’ – ‘a big ol’ pussy hole’. Someone that doesn’t belong in the drinks industry.

After a very traumatic experience last year, I decided to take a sabbatical from drinking. I needed to get a better understanding when it came to my relationship with alcohol. I needed to have a clear mind. I needed some space, away from the usual faces. Away from the blurry nights and foggy mornings. Unfortunately, my job description means that staying away from bars is not an option – and here is where the problem lays…

During this time, I found that so often, when refusing a shot/drink, I had to explain my reasons why (far more than anyone should have to)
“No, I’m not pregnant”
“Im on antibiotics”
“I have to be up early tomorrow”

Exhausted from coming up with excuses, i found myself wondering why those of us in the drink’s industry feel the need to say anything other than ‘No’. Or why those on the other side of the bar won’t take our ‘No’ as a final answer.

I created Hump Day as a result of all the unwarranted shame I was made to feel during those times where I simply did not want to consume alcohol. When I knew that having that one drink would lead to 20 drinks. When I knew that that one drink would cause me to make multiple bad decisions… when, even with the best of intentions, just one shot would push me over the edge.

I created Hump Day with the hopes that I could create a universal understanding…

There should never be a need for an explanation for not wanting to drink, but I have created the ‘Hump day’ pin, a non verbal way of communicating to all of our industry friends that were simply taking some time off…

Each pin is hand made and free…! (Clay sculpted and varnish glazed)

Email me to get your Hump Day pin