A Real Ale Festival with puns aplenty

BarLifeUK doesn’t spend its whole life hanging round swanky bars drinking cocktails and fancy imported beers and as if to prove the point we ended up in the middle of Dorset at a local Real Ale festival.

Giant Beer Festival
He's excited - are you?

Cerne Abbas is generally known for one big thing (with two circular things attached) – the Cerne Abbas Giant has been very ‘excited’ to be painted on the hill overlooking the village since Saxon times. The influx of tourists coming to admire and remember his member every summer has given the village three fantastic pubs – The New Inn, The Giant Inn and The Royal Oak.

These pubs join together each year to put on a Real Ale Festival as only the English West Country can with Ploughman’s Lunch (and homemade Faggots – no sniggering at the back) being washed down with 20 guest ales and ten men called Morris dancing around the streets.

Beers on offer came from the big players such as Young’s and Greene King as well as some more local brews from the likes of Butcombe, Stonehenge and Hunters Breweries. BarLife had a great afternoon in the sun trying lots of lovely brews and particularly enjoyed the Hunters Crack Shot, Triple FFF Alton’s Pride and the brilliantly named Ringwood Boondoggle.

It was a fantastic day and we hope that the next one won’t be that Schlong in the making (sorry!!).