A Beer Aged in Rum Barrels – Introducing 10 Saints

Instil Drinks Co. have launched 10 Saints Oak Aged Lager into the UK, a beer from Barbados that’s aged in rum casks.

With bars these days, thankfully, taking more interest in their bottled beer offerings it is always good to see a new and original beer hitting UK shores. With 10 Saints Oak Aged Lager, Instil Drinks have certainly got a unique product.

It is a beer firmly entrenched in its Barbadian roots with the name reflecting that 10 of the 11 parishes on the island are named after Saints (Christ Church being the odd one out for anyone trying to guess). It is also aged in rum barrels from the world’s oldest distillery, which is also located on Barbados.

We all know how important water quality is in a good refreshing lager and 10 Saints manage this by using water which has been filtered through coral…… yep coral. There are then two varieties of hops used (Galena and Styrian Goldings for any beer aficionados out there) before bottom fermenting yeast is added.

However it is the aging process that really makes this beer stand out from the lager crowd, aged in those rum barrels for up to 90 days giving 10 Saints a deep and unique character.

Some of you may have tried 10 Saints over the last few months as it has been available in a handful of bars including Trailer Happiness and Living Room, however it is now ready to get rolled out.

Their will be a launch party at Floridita’s Rum Shack on Tuesday 17th September from 6 – 8pm where you will be able to try 10 Saints for yourself and listen to a short presentation on ‘Taste of the Caribbean’ by Paul McFadyen of Instil Drinks Co.

If you would like to head along to this please RSVP to info@instildrinks.co.uk or for more information on 10 Saints and the rest of the Instil Drinks portfolio check out their website here.