Luca Cordiglieri to Launch New Wine and Cocktail Bar

After watching some of Soho’s institutions close down recently, we were starting to wonder whether the area we know and love would be able to brush the dust of its shoulders and come back fighting.

However, after hearing that Greek Street will be the host of a new wine and cocktail bar run by three industry leaders we now have no question that it will. rsz_luca-cordiglieri

Luca Cordiglieri of China Tang and UK Bartender’s Guild president, Eric Yu, founder of The Breakfast Group, and Martin Miller, owner of London Wine Merchant and bar group Planet of the Grapes have joined forces and are taking over the former gay bar Green Carnation, opening 68 and Boston in it’s place. 

The bar will be split into two. Upstairs will be home to 68, an all day wine bar.  You can expect good quality wines all priced at £20. The name 86 was influenced by the 67 wine producing nations of the world, and as they want to encourage people to choose their wines adventurously they feel that 68 will stretch people’s horizons that bit further.

BarLifeUK News - Luca Cordiglieri to Launch New Wine and Cocktail BarBelow will be the late night cocktail bar Boston (named after the cocktail shaker), which will be offering classics and original drinks priced at £10 a pop. 

Need to soak up all this awesome booze? You’re in luck. The bar is also teaming up with the neighbouring restaurant which is going to be creating a bespoke menu of bar food. 

We caught up with Luca to see how all this came about – “I met Eric through mutual friends a couple of years ago and we started a conversation about doing something together, I was then given the opportunity to help with the opening of Peony and that’s when I met Martin. 

We chose this concept to utilise our strengths, Martin in wines and wine bars, Eric in running very successful venues for many years and mine in running cocktail bars. I think 68 and Boston with the elements of wine Bar and Cocktail Bar will contribute to bring together the wine and spirit industries.

It all sounds pretty exciting to us. 86 and Boston will be opening it’s doors at the end of September. Form an orderly queue.

Want a piece of the action? 68 and Boston are recruiting for experienced wine and cocktail bar staff. Email them at