42Below CWC Team West London Anounced

Three London bartenders are one step closer to a terrifying leap from a massive bridge today, having come top in a very competitive qualifying heat of the 42Below Cocktail World Cup (CWC).

Famous for its demanding mix of drinkmanship and extreme sports, the Cocktail World Cup finals in New Zealand are one of the biggest comps in the World, and one that every bartender wants to win.

Zdenek Kastanek
Zdenek does 'Blue Steel'

West London heat judges unanimously scored Zdenek Kastanek (Quo Vadis), Andy Mill (London Cocktail Club) and Glen Morgan (Academy) highest in a two round challenge that saw competitors create a bespoke cocktail using any ingredients they chose (with 42Below of course) and a Martini variant with whatever they could find on the back bar.

Andy Mill's Volcano Garnish
Andy Mill's Volcano Garnish

Past CWC winning teams have managed to balance great drinks with innovation and showmanship, and the new Team West London are well-placed to go all the way: Zdenek’s drinks were both subtle and well-balanced, Andy’s complex grog, complete with smoking volcano, was truly creative and Glen’s patter and performance had the judges and crowd in stitches.

Good luck to Team West London, and BarLifeUK hopes you make it through to the finals in Queenstown.